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Research Data: Data management plan

Guide for managing research data

What is a data management plan?

Data management plan (DMP) is a document in which a researcher will outline the life cycle of the data during and after the research. DMP should be made before the actual research process starts. Still, ideally DMP would be a document that would reflect the changes in the research, thus being a document that evolves during the research process.

The contents of the data management plan can be presented in various ways. These are the five components of DMP's as defined in the national DMP tool project DMPTuuli:

  • General Description of Data
  • Documentation and Quality
  • Storage and Backup
  • Ethics and Legal Compliance
  • Data Sharing and Long-Term Preservation

General instructions


FSD (Finnish Social Science Data Archive)

DCC (Digital Curation Center, UK)

How to Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan
How to Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan

ATT (Open Science and Research Initiative)


DMPTuuli is a data management planning tool which was developed (2015-2017) in a project consisting of 17 research organizations from Finland. The project is a part of the Open Science and Research Initiative.

The tool is free to use for all end users in Finnish research organizations.


If you have any questions about DMPTuuli, don't hesitate to contact the Library for help: oa[AT]

Funder requirements

Here you can find some examples of funder requirements on research data.

Academy of Finland

"The Academy of Finland requires that applications to be submitted to the Academy include a data management plan for the research project or research infrastructure concerned. The plan should describe the following:

  1. how the project proposes to obtain and use its research data
  2. how the rights of ownership and usage to the data used and generated by the project are distributed
  3. how the data produced will be stored and subsequently made available
  4. how the data will be made available to other researchers both during the project and after the project has ended."

Horizon 2020 (EU)


"Kannustamme kuitenkin tutkimusprosessin läpinäkyvyyteen ja valmistelemme toimenpiteitä läpinäkyvyyden tukemiseen esimerkiksi aineistonhallintaan liittyen.

Tulemme suosittelemaan myös tutkimusaineiston avaamista soveltuvin osin mutta kysymys ei tällöin ole kaiken tutkimusaineiston avaamisesta vaan aina oikeudellista toimintaympäristöä ja sopimuksia kunnioittaen, soveltuvin osin sekä hallitulla strategialla. Kaikkiin aineistoihin avoimuuden suositusta ei voi soveltaa jatkossakaan, eikä se ole tavoitteen mukaista."