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Research Data: FAQ

Guide for managing research data


Frequently asked questions during the Academy of Finland September 2016 Call.



Technical documentation

  • Which metadata standard will I choose and how do I find it?
    • It is not essential to know the exact standard when applying for funding. For example, you can describe that the decision about the standard will be made together with the archive.
    • Discipline-specific standards can be found from the Digital Curation Centre website. (
  • Which file format will I choose?
    • It is advisable to use formats which are not dependent on one particular commercial software. Good format options are e.g. pdf, csv ja xml.

Ethics and legal compliance

  • What things about the data usage should be agreed on within the research group?
    • It is advisable to have an agreement on who are permitted to use the data during the project and who is the person designating those permissions.
    • Research group should also decide what will be done to the research data after the project and who has the mandate to make that decision.
  • Who owns the research data?
    • Based on the University of Tampere principle, research data is owned by the university during the project when the funding comes from the Academy of Finland.

Data sharing and long-term preservation

  • Is it necessary to open all of my research data?
    • According to the data policy of University of Tampere, the data in publicly funded research is public.
    • It is good if you are able to open all of your research data. However, this might not be possible always. You can open the research data partially or with delay. You can also define for what purposes (e.g. research or teaching) your research data can be used.
    • If you are not able to open the research data, explain and justify it.
    • For example, technical and legal reasons may restrict the opening of research data. If you are uncertain about the possibilities to open the research data, you can mention in your plan that you will discuss about these possibilities with the archive you collaborate with.