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Open Access English: Discounted APC fees


Publisher Terms /Conditions Discounts
BioMed Central (Springer) BioMed Central 15 % off the APC
Elsevier Elsevier
Corresponding author
50 % off the APC
SAGE Sage Choice – collection
Corresponding author
 ”Promo Code”: FinELib 2017”  needed.
87,5 % off the APC. The APC is 200 GBP
Springer SpringerOpen 15 % off the APC
Taylor & Francis Open Select
Corresponding author
60 % off the APC (APC is 860 €).



The corresponding authors of the University of Tampere have the possibility to publish their articles open access with a discount in Elsevier journals.The following terms and conditions apply for discounted APC-fees:

  • The researcher/article author of the University of Tampere is the Corresponding Author.
  • The article is accepted for publishing between 1.1.2018-31.12.2020.
  • The article should be accepted to one of the over 1500 Elsevier owned hybrid journals and over 100 Full OA-journals listed here. Please note that in the subsidised titles marked in Publishing Category there is no APC payment
  • The discount is 50 percent of the journal’s APC (APC=article processing charge). Calculate the discount from the APC list prices.

Instructions on how to publish an article:

  1. When the article is accepted, Elsevier sends you an e-mail and asks you to fill in the Rights and access form.
  2. When filling in the  Elsevier Rights and access form, please choose:
  • Funding body: Make you selection - Research reported in the article: choose: Was conducted in Finnish universities/research institutes
  • Open Access - Publishing options: choose Gold open access (this is not relevant if the journal in question is a full Gold OA journal)
  • Licenses: You have the choice between two different CC-licenses. In both options your own reuse rights regarding the article defined by the CC-license terms. The options are:
    • CC BY 4.0 (Attribution)
    • CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs) 
      Please note that if you choose this, more restrictive CC BY-NC-ND license, the rights to commercial use and modifications (derivatives) stay with Elsevier.

 Notice, the price list does not include the discounted APC prices. The invoice is directed to you.

3. Tampere University Library will be informed that you have chosen to publish your article as open access and will confirm your affiliation to Elsevier

4.You get an invoice of the APC payment. Please check that the total price in the invoice is correct (50% of the APC list price).

Questions concerning the discounted APC fees

Aniita Ahlholm-Kannisto (
Sari Leppänen (

Taylor & Francis

The researchers/article authors of the University of Tampere have the possibility to publish articles in Taylor & Francis (incl. Routledge) hybrid/subscription journals with a discounted APC fee (APC = Article Processing Charge). The possibility for this discount starts in 2017.

FinElib-consortium has agreed with Taylor & Francis that the APC fee for a hybrid article is 860 euros, when the researcher is the corresponding author. The normal APC fee is 2150 euros.  

The discount is available on the condition that the library makes an APC-prepayment to Taylor & Francis. This is why the library organizes the process of the payment of the discounted APC fees. The author should contact the administration of the faculty and confirm on what project the library invoices the faculty. After this the author informs library about to use the discounted APC fee.

The hybrid journals are marked as “Open Select”. The discount can not be used in Taylor & Francis Fully Open and Cogent OA titles.

Instructions on how to publish an article in Taylor & Francis hybrid journals:

  1. Taylor & Francis send information to the library about article been accepted by corresponding author, whose affiliation is University of Tampere
  2. The corresponding author contacts the library and informs to use the discounted APC payment and informs on which project the library invoices the faculty
  3. The library confirms to use the discounted APC-payment to Taylor &Francis
  4. The corresponding author chooses a Creative Commons license in the Taylor & Francis publishing system.
  5. The library sends an internal invoice to the faculty


The researchers and authors of the University of Tampere are entitled to publish their articles in Sage hybrid journals with a discounted APC fee (Article Processing Charge) from the beginning of 2017.

According to the agreement made by FinELib consortium the researchers can publish their articles with an APC fee of 200 GBP when they are acting as a corresponding author of the article. The undiscounted APC fee is 1 600 GBP. The discount will be applied to the following journals: Sage journals with a discounted APC fee 

The instructions for publishing the article in Sage hybrid journals:

  1. Sage informs the author of the acceptance of the article and makes an offer to publish the article via Open Access.
  2. The Author completes an acceptance form, where there is a “Promo code” box.
  3. The Author enters code “FinELib2017” into "Promo Code" box.
  4. SAGE invoices for 200 GBP instead of the standard APC fee.

It is important that the author checks and accepts an invoice with a discounted APC fee (200 GBP) because the publisher will not make any refunds afterwards.

BioMed Central and SpringerOpen

Tampere University Library pays a supporter member subscription fee to BioMed Central. The researchers and authors of the University of Tampere and Tampere University Hospital are entitled to publish their articles in BioMed Central and SpringerOpen with a 15 % discount on publishing fee (APC). 

The discount applies to full Open Access journals in BioMed Central and SpringerOpen.  Springer has also a hybrid journal collection called Springer Open Choice. The discount will not apply to hybrid journals (Springer Open Choice)