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Publishing a dissertation: General

Where to publish?


  • Acta Electronica Universitatis Tamperensis series: The most common way is to publish online.
  • Acta Universitatis Tamperensis series: Publish online and also have a few dissertations printed for the public defence and personal use.

A few dissertations are also published annually as monographs by other publishers. Then you bear the cost and are responsible for  the publishing. In that case we still hope that you publish your dissertation in our Acta online series.

Dissertations Online

TamPub is the open institutional repository of the University of Tampere.

TamPub includes the theses of the university; dissertations, licentiate theses, master´s theses and master´s theses (medicine) and references and abstratcs of the theses. TamPub also includes e-publications and serials and self-archived articles of the staff of the University of Tampere.


Your dissertation manuscript must be submitted to the Library at least 35 days prior to the public defence. No exceptions will be made. This schedule ensures that the dissertation will be available in time. Please note that holiday season and holidays effect the schedules.

Proofing and printing the dissertation takes time. You also have to check the paper proofs. The book will not be printed before you have accepted the proofs and notified the Library.

If you use the Library´s layout service, please ensure you submit your dissertation seven weeks before your public defence and agree on the schedule with the typesetter.

You can start by filling the Application for Acta series.

Dissertation News

Application for Acta series

Application for Acta series 2018
If you wish to have your dissertation published in the Acta series, please apply using this e-form while your dissertation is undergoing its preliminary examination. Please note that you need a basic user account to access the form.

Dissertation form

Dissertation form
Please fill in and submit this online at least two weeks prior to your public defence to announce your upcoming public defence.

Write a short press release about the essential results of your study in this box. The press release is not the same as the summary of your dissertation. The press release should be popular and to be understood without the scholarly  knowledge of the specific discipline. The press release will always be in Finnish and English.

Contact us!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us:

Soile Levälahti, soile.levalahti[at]

  • Dissertation publishing support
  • Tel. 040 190 4264, room LINNA 4088

Tanja Heikkilä, tanja.heikkila[at]

  • Dissertation publishing support
  • Responsibility: dissertations of the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Tel. 050 318 7737, room LINNA 4084

Eija Poteri, eija.poteri[at]

  • Dissertation publishing support
  • Responsibility: dissertations of the Faculty of Communication Sciences
  • Tel. 050 318 5939, room LINNA 4085

For any visits, please book an appointment by email.