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Guidelines for submitting your thesis: Good to know

Publicity of theses

A passed thesis is a public document.

A student may decide whether the thesis will be published or not. If the thesis will not be published on the web (in TamPub) it's possible to read the thesis in Tampere University library.

University of Tampere’s guideline on theses

How to reach the theses made in the University of Tampere

Link to TamPub

University of Tampere started the open publishing of theses in 1999.

Majority of the graduates permits the open publishing of their thesis.

University of Tampere supports open access. University of Tampere pays for printing the official copy of the thesis if the the author gives the University permission to publish the thesis on the web in TamPub. It the author does not grant permission to publish the thesis online s/he pays the printing costs of the official copy.

The printed official copies can be read in the University of Tampere Linna or Arvo library. The master's theses, the master's theses (medicine) and the licentiate theses can't be loaned. However it's possible to take photocopies of some pages.

In Tamcat database you can find the references of all the thesis in the collection of Tampere University Library.

NB. The original copies of Bachelor’s theses are kept in the office of the faculty (not in the library).

Instructions from the faculties

Please read carefully the instructions given by your faculty and discipline. You can find the instructions from the Study guide. If you don't find the information please contact your supervisor.

The faculty also gives instructions on using Turnitin plagiarism detection software that is used at the University of Tampere.




Theses in the collection of Tampere University Library - use Tamcat

If you search for theses made in Tampere University through the times please see also Tamcat (TamPub covers thoroughly only this decade).

Published theses - TOP 10

Would you like to know the most downloaded theses? See the monthly list TamPub Top 10.




Tutkielmat team takes care of archiving and publishing of the theses. Please contact:


  • Master's theses
  • Master's theses (medicine)
  • Licentiate theses

Publishing in TamPub and archiving of the printed theses:


tel. 040 190 4259 (or 040 190 9746)


Help with technical or printing problems

Techical questions (e.g. about NettiOpsu)

IT Helpdesk, Tampereen yliopisto


tel. 040 190 4141


Questions about printing

Juvenes Print


tel. 020 756 8683 (or 020 756 8693)