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Research Data: Sharing and reusing

Guide for managing research data

Save and share in data repositories

The trustworthiness of repositories is assessed with  a certification such as Core Trust Seal and ISO 16363 standard and self-audit tool DRAMBORA. Trustworthy repositories have transparent and properly documented policies and procedures.

It is a good idea to contact repositories already in the early stage of your research project if you think about archiving your research data. Opening the research data fully is encouraged. However,  you can also set restrictions (such as embargos, technological access restrictions and data use agreements) how your data can be reused.

You can search repositories in Registry of Research Data Repositories.

Examples of repositories:

  • AVAA data publishing platform for research data offered by Ministry of Education and Culture
  • DRYAD general purpose repository
  • ELIXIR Finnish Life science infrastructure for biological information
  • EUDAT international general data repository
  • FIN-CLARIN  focuses on archiving language resources. FIN-CLARIN has gained Data Seal of Approval. Tools and research data are provided by The Language Bank of Finland.
  • FSD archives quantitative and qualitative research data in digital format from various disciplines. FSD has gained Core Trust Seal.
  • Folklife Archives (at University of Tampre)
  • Zenodo international general data repository

See also Finnish Biobanks.

Find Open Data

You can locate open research data by searching in data archives themselves.

  • Aila is a  Data service Portal of FSD.
  • Etsin is is research data finder maintained by Open Science and Research Initiative.
  • is a service for Finnish open data and interoperability standards and guidelines.
  • is a service for Finnish open data and interoperabilty standards and guidelines. - See more at:
  • is a service for Finnish open data and interoperabilty standards and guidelines. - See more at:
  • is a service for Finnish open data and interoperabilty standards and guidelines - See more at:
  • is a service for Finnish open data and interoperabilty standards and guidelines - See more at:
  • European Union Open Data Portal is the single point of access to range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union.

Data journals

Data journals publish articles that describe publicly available datasets and link to those datasets. Examples of these peer-reviewed data journals are Data in Brief and Scientific Data.  Data journals are listed in in the source of dataset peer review page.

"Mixed journals" publish data papers along other types of research papers.

Cite Data

Data citation gives credits to a data creator and facilitates tracking the usage and impact of the data.

Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles lists principles which cover purpose, function and attributes of citations.

Digital Curation Centre gives detailed guidance  How to Cite Datasets and Link to Publications.

DataCite offers a tool to format your data citation.

Tracing data - data citation roadmap for Finland

Funders' requirements about Open Data

Research funders' Open Access Policies can be search via SHERPA/JULIET.

The Academy of Finland requires that researchers publish their work following the principles of open access and open data. It is suggested that researcher store their research data and make them available through major national or international archives or storage services that are important in their own fields.

Horizon 2020  research data is open by default.

Journals' requirements about Open Data

Several scientific journals have data reposit requirements. This is the case e.g. with Nature, PLoS and Science. Data sharing policies can be in most cases found in the instructions for authors.

British Journal Research Data Policy Registry pilot aimed  to standardize and harmonize journals' data policies.

Tampere University policy about Open Data

Tampere University publication and data policy (in Finnish, pdf) was published 27.10.2016. English version of the policy can be found here (pdf).